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Our friends and jolly good people!

These are some lovely people that we’ve found both while planning our own wedding and since starting Bears & Butterflies. We know planning weddings and events can be stressful and overwhelming but we’d whole-heartedly recommend all of these fabulous people.


Freckle Photography

Fortunately we found Emma when looking for a photographer for our own wedding – she’s absolutely brilliant and a lovely person, too!



These guys make beautiful, rustic, timber furniture. As well as stunning geo dome venues that will house your event!

Hooe’s Yurts

If you’re after a yurt or two then these are the guys for you. Great quality and very professional.

Katy Christianson

Katy is the illustrator behind our fabulous logo. For invites with some serious wow factor, get in touch with her.

Some awesome places where we have been featured:

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