About Us | Bears & Butterflies
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Who are Bears & Butterflies?

Bears & Butterflies is owned by husband and wife, Steve & Gemma.


Bears & Butterflies was established in 2016 in the South West.  Looking for a change of pace, we acquired the business in 2020, relocating it to York and haven’t looked back.  A love of the outdoors combined with hard work and our attention to detail, enables us to deliver your guest accommodation to the highest standard.


Having travelled extensively we know what separates the amazingly unforgettable experience from the downright average. Crucially we also know exactly what is needed for a good night’s sleep.


We pride ourselves on offering you a unique and personal experience. We know how stressful planning weddings and events can be so no matter what your requirements you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure you are all happy campers. Have a browse around the rest of the site and drop us a line if you’d like a personalised quote or have any other queries.

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