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Bears & Butterflies meets… Wild Hive

The second I stumbled across Wild Hive I knew it would perfect for featuring here. The lady behind the brand is Bee Watson. At her studio on Dartmoor she creates incredible paper flowers for weddings and events. Most people may not have considered paper flowers for their wedding, but after seeing some of her creations there are sure to be plenty of converts. To make them extra-special wild flower seeds are placed inside the flower. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous wedding favour? Then your guests can plant the seeds and be reminded of your wedding as they grow. Wild Hive are a brand new company but are sure to get booked up quickly so get ahead of the game!

(All images: Wild Hive & Angel Wade Photography)

Tell us a bit about you…

Wild Hive is an arts studio based in Devon. We make beautiful paper flowers and décor for weddings, events and gifts. Each design has wild flower seeds embedded within in it so you can grow the story of why you bought or received them.

When did you decide to start your own company?

Our website went live last month and we’ve already had lots of lovely feedback and have been working on some gorgeous orders for family and friends. We officially launch in April when you’ll be able to buy single flower stems and bouquets from our online shop or book one of our packages for your wedding or event.

How did you come up with your company name?

Playing a word association game with my mum on a long walk along Exe Estuary. Wild is for Dartmoor where our studio and soon to be wild flower meadow is located. Hive is for the bee friendly seed mix we embed in our paper flowers – plus Bee Watson, of course.

What’s the best bit of your job?

We find that behind most flowers given and received is a story of love and connection. It’s really exciting to work with people to create something beautiful which will bring so much joy.

What can people expect if they book you?

Providing a lovely service is as important to us as creating a beautiful product. We only accept a small number of commissions each year, so you know when you work with us you’ll be getting something truly different and personal. Having formerly worked in theatre design, we’re well-rehearsed in guiding people through the creative process and using a budget for maximum effect. We know that if you’re organising a wedding or event, that we’re just one of many suppliers you’ll be working with, so we make it our job to keep everything as simple and enjoyable as possible.

What makes you different to your competitors?

Our paper flowers have a pocket full of wildflower seeds nestled in them which people can sow to honour their important dates or memories. So, not only can people keep the first rose they received from their valentine or the flowers which made up their wedding bouquet, they can grow them too!


Where do you see yourself in five years?

With a great collection of stories that people have grown over the years, a beautiful portfolio of paper creations and an established wild flower meadow at the bottom of the studio that provides us with our seeds.

Find out more about what Wild Hive can offer on their website:

Say hello to Bee:

Twitter: @wildhivedesign

Instagram: wildhivedesign