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Be a man and get involved in the wedding prep

From the moment when you get down on one knee, look your partner in the eye and utter, or rather stutter the words “ Will…you…marry…me?.” You should have already pre-empted that the months before the big day will essentially feel like a mini-marriage in itself!

This period between the elation of the engagement and the wedding itself requires a lot of cooperation. There will be ideas coming from both sides of your family, some might be a little dated, other suggestions could be worthwhile. It makes life a lot easier if you share a similar vision that you and your partner are both happy with.

So how can the groom get involved?
Not everything is going to be about floral design and wedding dresses. The best way to work together is to look at what skills you possess and how best to make the most of them in the run up to your wedding day. You may even save a bit of money by doing a lot of prep yourself. Plus it will really bring you closer together and give you a greater sense of satisfaction when you see your guests enjoying the day.

I wanted to save money on stationery; I know there are plenty of great illustrators and wedding stationery designers out there but having some experience using Photoshop I was able to create something unique. I bought a template design for a few quid and adapted the design to create a personalised invitation and order of service. I wanted to make sure we used the same colour scheme and font throughout so it was important to get this right early on for the save the dates. Now you may at this point want to get a professional printing service in but we printed out and sent all the invitations ourselves, a task which requires a lot of teamwork and tea!

order of service

Since moving into our home a couple of years ago, I have gone from someone who didn’t know his caulk from his filler to someone who is happy to strip woodchip wallpaper, sand floorboards and put up coving! These handy skills came in useful when making bespoke signs and table runners using the same design elements from the invitations. This was quite a time consuming job but it meant we were in control of our design and again it gave me a great sense of satisfaction that I had contributed to our wedding.

bears and butterflies signs

table runner

There was one job I wasn’t going to be able to do myself and that was to provide power. The electrical kind. Having a wedding off site means you have to call in a generator. I was given the task of sourcing someone to install a generator for the weekend for the catering, lights and music. Our whole aim was finding local suppliers and after having a bad feeling about one company, we luckily found DJC Event Hire who literally came in at the last minute to save my bacon!

Gentlemen, get involved in the preparation! It’s not going to feel like you’re on an episode of Don’t Tell The Bride, unless you want a pirate themed wedding? Everyone has certain attributes they can bring to the table and trust me it will go a long way to making sure you have a very happy bride coming down the aisle!

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