Too cold to camp? | Bears & Butterflies
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Too cold to camp?

Follow our advice and you’ll always be as snug as a bug in a rug…

Maybe there’s an unseasonably cold-snap or perhaps you’re just braving a night under canvas in the spring or autumn. Whatever it may be, the UK can be decidedly nippy at night. Here are some of our top tips to keep warm:

  1. Layer up. It may look like you’ve put on a bit of extra weight but take it from us camping is no fashion parade. Don’t wait until you’re freezing to go and put on more layers – it’s much easier to keep yourself warm than to warm yourself up once you’re cold. As soon as the light starts to fade you need to be adding on the layers. In this case, more is definitely more. If you’re prone to feeling the cold you will never regret investing in some good thermals. Comfy and cosy!
  2. A classic camping trick is to put your pyjamas on under your clothes about half an hour before you’re planning on going to bed. This way they’ll warm up much quicker.
  3. I’m sure all our mothers have told us that you lose a third of your body heat through your head so popping on a hat is really a no-brainer. If it’s particularly chilly, no one will think any less of you if you keep it on all night.
  4. Blankets have a surprising number of uses when camping; they double as a fabulous table/seating area for picnics during the day but it’s only at night when blankets really come into their own. Once you have run out of clothes to layer-up in, wrapping yourself in a blanket is your next course of action. The key thing to remember with blankets is not just to add them on top you. A lot of cold comes from below you, be that your chair, the ground or your bed. In fact when it comes to staying warm, one blanket underneath you is worth two on top of you. So before you save the woolliest blanket to go on top of your duvet, think about putting it underneath you instead.
  5. Have a hearty, warm dinner. Food is super-important for fuelling our bodies. Unless you want to be cold and grumpy all night a hot dinner is a must.
  6. Campfire! If your site allows it a fire is a brilliant way to stay warm while you’re outside. And while the fire is still going…
  7. Boil some water for a hot water bottle! Get that in your bed ahead of bedtime you and you’ll be so toasty you’ll need to remove some of those aforementioned layers. Now, once that’s warming your bed…
  8. Make yourself a nice hot chocolate. The warm milk will help you sleep and it’ll instantly make you feel warmer too.