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Weddings, weddings, weddings


Are they really worth all the fuss?

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a big fan of weddings. My husband on the other hand, has needed some converting. I knew I faced an uphill struggle when he announced on our first date (unprompted, I should add) that he “couldn’t see the point of getting married as it only made it more difficult when you split up.” Who said romance was dead?

Seven years on, after some subtle and increasingly less subtle hints, and after going to a handful of fabulous friends’ weddings we’re now happily married and I think he’d be the first to say it was totally worth it.20150422_172057

We both had a very clear vision of how we wanted our wedding – essentially very personal, quite small and relaxed and involving things we loved. I think it’s also safe to say we really underestimated the amount of work we gave ourselves. ‘Personal’ means you have to do it yourself, right? Well, maybe take people up on their offers to help. We were incredibly lucky and had lots of fantastic people helping us without whom the day really wouldn’t have happened. Even so I’m still finding glitter everywhere to this day…

I think weddings in general these days are more tailored towards the bride and groom’s personality and interests and as a result each wedding is far more unique, which I love. There are so many suppliers out there now offering all kinds of amazing things so if you want something out of the ordinary it’s actually not necessary to have to make it yourself!

What people don’t tell you about is the sleep deprivation. I love sleep. I’m a great sleeper. But the week leading up to the wedding. Oh my. I have never been so tired. I’d wake up at 3am panicking about something that I hadn’t done and then my brain would start racing with all the things I needed to do. I’d try to switch off, desperate to go back to sleep but to no avail. I’d write the things down so there was no way I could forget them but still I couldn’t go back to sleep. Eventually I’d doze back off around 6am only to be woken by alarm an hour later.

Everyone tells you to just enjoy the day as it goes so quickly, and they’re right. But what they don’t really tell you is how amazing you’re going to feel. It’s one of the very few times in your life when you’re surrounded by everyone you love, and that’s a truly incredible feeling. No matter what kind of wedding you have every bride and groom will experience that feeling of complete, pure love and support from friends and family and for me, that was really special. So yes, regardless of all the hard work and sleepless nights I still love weddings and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Obviously, I love my husband so won’t be doing it all again. Maybe I should start dropping hints about renewing our vows in a few years instead…