Bears & Butterflies | Luxury bell tent hire for every occasion
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Bears & Butterflies is a family-run, luxury bell tent hire company, providing unique accommodation options for a whole range of events – from weddings and festivals to children’s parties, and even grown-up parties, too! We are based in Devon and will deliver all across the South West. We will pitch and furnish the tents so you can just turn up and enjoy yourselves. And when the party’s over, we’ll be back to pack it all up. Totally hassle free! Image: Freckle Photograph

Whether you’re a seasoned camper with all the kit or a complete novice looking for a glamping experience we can cater to all needs. Find out why our bell tents are unique. Image: Freckle Photography

Our aim is to make bell tent camping available to everyone by keeping the costs as low as possible. We offer a range of  decorative and practical additions to make your camping experience unique. Find out more about our Bears & Butterflies! Image: Freckle Photograph

We believe our bell tents are the perfect accompaniment to any gathering! No matter what your requirements – big or small – please get in touch and we will put together a personalised quote.

Find your venue

One of the best things about camping is the sheer amount of places you can stay - coastal, woodland, city centre, rural. Wherever takes your fancy there's bound to be a campsite that fits your brief. Let us know where you choose and leave the rest up to us!

Choose your package

Our tents are fully furnished with a double airbed and luxurious linen. When you add in our Emperor Butterfly package, which includes all the cooking and dining utensils you could need, you'll be left with hardly anything to pack! Simply turn up and enjoy your night under the stars.

Add some glamour

There really is nothing that can beat a night under canvas especially when you wake up to birdsong and sunshine. For those of you that want to experience the joys of camping but aren't ready to leave all you home comforts behind - we offer the perfect compromise, enjoy the outdoors during the day then snuggle up under a warm duvet in our tents at night.